Venture 35 voted best device for Camping!

goalzero venture 35 power bank in use

OUTDOOR LIFE – rated Goal Zero as one of the best devices for Camping 2022-
Best for Bad Weather: Goal Zero Venture 35

Key Features

·       Weight: 10.12 ounces

·       Internal battery: 9,600mAh

·       Up to 18W output

·       Ports: two USB-A and one USB-C 

·       Included cables: one USB-C to A

·       Also available as the 19,200mAh Venture 75 power bank

·       Built-in flashlight

·       Warranty: one year

Why It Made the Cut

The Venture 35 provided ample power to recharge my phone, even after being submerged in water for twenty minutes. 


·       Very water resistant

·       Small size is portable

·       Fastest charge time in my test

·       Includes a flashlight


·       Slightly higher price than other power banks in the 10,000mAh range

·       Performed third in my test of power banks in the 10,000mAh range

Product Description

Most car campers will store their power bank in their car, or maybe their tent. But if you anticipate bringing yours along for a hike or having it next to you while cooking up dinner, then the GoalZergoalzero venture 35 power bank featureso Venture 35 might be the better choice for you. In addition to its rubber housing, it also has a silicone plug that seals in the three ports and the four lights indicating how much charge is left in the power bank. I also liked that holding down the power button activated a flashlight, which is always handy when you’re making the trek to your tent after extinguishing that evening’s campfire. While this one didn’t have as much juice in it as the BioLite Charge 40 PD

or Mophie Powerstation (even when taking into account its smaller internal battery), if you think there is a chance that your power bank could be exposed to the elements, then this is the better pick for you. (Those concerned about battery size also have the option to level up to the 19,200mAh Venture 75). The silicone plug broke off the Venture 35 during testing, and while it still worked, it’s waterproofing capabilities would severely diminish if lost.  Despite the more robust bonafides of this power bank, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s bombproof. The silicone plug is secured to the rest of the power bank by a relatively thin strip that, when pulled during testing, snapped and broke off fairly easily. While the casing still works even when no longer tethered to the power bank, its waterproof capabilities would be severely diminished if it was lost or left unsecured.